Polar Expedition

Explore a largely uninhabited area and experience the Antarctica’s plethora of wildlife in modern day comfort. This is the engine room of the world’s ocean and climate. Imagine being on a beach surrounded by over half a million king penguins; sailing through a modern art gallery of dramatic sculptured icebergs; seeing leopard seals and penguins; and watching whales breach and albatross comb the ocean to feed their young. This fragile environment, where just 100 years ago our heroes – Shackleton, Amundsen and Scott -struggled through hardship, you can now enjoy this unforgettable experience in great comfort. Your trip can be as luxurious or adventurous as you wish…kayaking, hiking, or challenging yourself with an icy polar plunge!

Crossing the famous Drake Passage by boat is often regarded as a badge of honour. For those looking for an easier option why not fly into King George Island, and continue in a new 75 passenger luxury boutique ship in smooth waters.

After a long and laborious decision to go to Antarctica, not understanding what there would be to see, I said yes mainly out of curiosity. Wow! I was so so wrong. It was such an exciting, exhilarating, and educational trip with an abundance of wildlife. I got up close and personal with various breeds of penguins, whales, seals, and albatross which was an experience I could never have imagined. The naturalists gave lectures and were full of personality and profound knowledge. I have traveled the world, and this trip was one of most phenomenal experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you Safari Experts ~ Diana Thompson – Park City, Utah

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